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KonMari Method

April 11, 2019

At times decluttering your physical space around you can free up mental space as well. These
small efforts can go a long way in helping you lead a happier life, one method that I have
personally used is the famous KonMari method coined by organizing consultant Marie Kondo.
The method is simple: if something physical in your life does not bring you joy then get rid of it.
KonMari can be applied to not only your closet but all areas of your life including friendships
and relationships.
At times there are many emotions tied to items that we may see every day and some of them may
not be positive, although it may be hard throwing these things away it lets us have closure and
move forward. Everyone can say they’re guilty of buying things they don’t need and realizing it
shortly after, using this method can be helpful but spark the question “what do I do with the stuff
that doesn’t bring me joy?”.
Just because you’re letting go of these things does not mean you can’t donate them so someone
else can get good use of it. This may make the process easier for you and make you feel good
about yourself. If time is an issue there are many videos that Marie Kondo has posted walking
through the process and going over various methods on what to do, how to do it and when to do
it. Using KonMari can help you organize your life and allow for new things to take the place of
the things that weren’t making you happy.
At Simplicity customers can exercise this method and make an appointment to sell their old
belongings and make a profit while doing it. The assortment that is in the store is all resell
accompanied by certain brands that the store owner Nicole feels passionate about. Simplicity’s
goal is to give back and help reduce waste by preventing unwanted clothing from ending up in
Joining the movement can be easy, start with a category that you want to tidy up and dedicate an
entire day to organizing yourself and evaluating if your physical space is filled with joy or
overbearing clutter!


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