Social Impact of Simplicity

March 28, 2019

The owner of Simplicity, Nicole Wrona, is known for her charitable donations, having donated over
$15,000 to a local non-profit in the Hudson Valley. Ms. Wrona often hosts “donate for a discount”, and
sits on the board of HOAM, which stands for Hope on a Mission; Hope on a Mission restores dignity with
love and grace to homeless and addicted women in Poughkeepsie, New York. Among Ms. Wrona’s
charitable donations and work with nonprofits, she also sells brands in Simplicity that go to great causes. Some of the brands include Sudara, Blue Q, and Mata Traders.

Shannon Keith made a trip to a small rural village in India with her husband 2005; while there, she was
greatly impacted by what she witnessed. Many of the women in the village were sold into the sex trade
after they had been tricked or coerced after falsely being promised jobs as nannies or hotel employees, for example. Therefore, Keith decided to create Sudara, established with survivors of human trafficking in mind, to provide training and jobs for these individuals, and to gain an opportunity for economic
independence. The name Sudara translates to “beautiful” from Sanskrit.

Blue Q was co-founded by two brothers, Seth and Mitch Nash; the company describes itself as a proud
designer and manufacturer of joy-bringing and life improving products since 1988. A portion of the sales
contribute to nonprofits all over the world, whether they are supporting nature conservancy, hunger relief, or Doctors Without Borders.

Mata Traders is a consciously created and ethical fashion brand that is made with fair trade practices to
make an impact on global poverty. Every time a customer shops Mata Traders, the work of women
artisans in Nepal and India is being sustained. The main goal of Mata Traders is to inspire their customers
to change the fashion industry and to make it into a more sustainable environment.

Getting an in depth look into all of these organizations truly portrays the charitable mindset that Nicole
Wrona exhibits. By shopping at Simplicity and purchasing an item (or ten!) from Sudara, Blue Q, Mata
Traders, and amongst many of the other charitable brands that are sold there, you can also give back to
those in need.

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