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Summer Trends

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Floral, paisley, checkered or stripes; these are all wonderful prints that we are currently carrying in our store today! Pastel color, dark colors, or solid colors are also great trends found on our spring dresses, pants and tees. Check  out some of the summer trends that you can find out on our floor today!


Be bold and try going out with friends, or enjoy a luncheon with the family in these wonderful prints!
(Necklace by Andean Collection)

Pastel Color Dresses!

What better way than spending summer vacation in simple, easy- going, and relaxing dresses? Perfect for casual wear, simple in color to match anything, and in excellent condition;  check some of these pastel colored dresses in the shoppe today!
(Necklace by Andean Collection)


Trying to go for that simple look with just a little ‘edge’? You can never go wrong with white, (as it matches anything!) especially when it has a little ruffle to spruce up the outfit!
(Necklace by ‘Elements’ by Jill Shwartz)

Spring Scarves!

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Are you a scarf fanatic like me? Whether it be winter or summer, I’m one of those people that are always looking for scarves to spice up a plain- jane outfit to something unique and fun.

This spring, we’ve been getting in some great scarves that range from solid colors to prints of paisleys, floral, polka dots and stripes!

Check out a small glimpse of what we have out on the floor today:

Light weight cotton scarves available in baby color hues or neutral color prints

Floral Disc Scarf

Floral Disc Scarves
Available in yellow, red, black, white/pink, white/blue.
$18 each

Floral scarf with Stripes
Available in Purple, Red, Pink, Black, Blue, White
$20 each

Thin Cotton “net-like” Scarf available in Red, White and Brown

Beautiful Coldwater Creek “net-like” Shawl
Perfect for an outdoor Spring wedding or a walk on the beach!

Johnny Was Scarves available in either Pink and Green or Blue and Red
$45.99 each

Great News!

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Spring is in the air and Simplicity would love to share some great news!

In the past few days, Simplicity has expanded the store image and we now have a twitter account which will update statuses regarding new merchandise, new sales, upcoming events, and much more!

Be sure to follow us: @simplicitygoods !

Simplicity would also like to inform you of our new rewards card system! How does it work? Simply make 10 purchase of $50 or more and then receive 15% off your 11th purchase!

The weather is getting warmer and Simplicity has been getting a lot of great merchandise that is perfect for the spring and summer season! Be sure to follow us on twitter and stop in for a rewards card. Hope to see you all soon!

Summer Shoes

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

(Manolo Blahnik; $99.99)

Summer’s here and it’s pedicure season! We all know that summer is the season to get our toes painted with a fabulous color to match our outfit, accessory, and all that good stuff. And the best way to show off that beautiful pedicure… wear a gorgeous shoe to flatter those pretty toes. 

So hears the deal; instead of paying hundreds and hundreds of dollars on shoes, why not shop at simplicity and get what your looking for… for the right affordable cost! Flats, Heels, Wedges… you name it, we got it! Simplicity is currently selling gorgeous Nine West white leather gladiator sandals($29.99) that are perfect to wear at the beach, at work, or a picnic with the kids. It’s comfortable, casual, yet sophisticated. Simplicity is also selling hemp sandals with gold leather straps.

Made by Michael Kors, these sandals are only $45.99 and in excellent condition. They’re perfect for the beach and the boardwalk.



But Simplicity has much more than the white and tan shoes. We have a nice collection of summery, bright colored flats that are perfect for any lady of any age! Check it out:         (Including: Nine West, Loft, Mila Paolo, and more; $15.99 – $22.99)

(Aldo; $22.99)

(Nine West; top- $23.99 | Bottom- $20.99)

(Rebecca Taylor; $53.99)

And if your not quite into the pedicure scene but still want to wear gorgeous shoes, check out Simplicity’s hottest designer heels for the summer!
(Manolo Blahnik; $99.99)

(Fendi; $220.99)

(Dior Heels; $85.99 | Dior Purse; $229.99)

Hope to see you soon!!